Built at Cornucopia, Wis. in the late 1920s, for Carl Ludwigsen, Bayfield, Wis., by Thomas H. Jones, Sr. With an open stern deck and open bow deck, the fantail boat was a typical boat for her time. A few years after being built, a Ford V8 car motor was installed, equipped with a marine reverse gear and water cooled manifolds. The boat is still in existence, and has had a number of owners, all in Bayfield. Carl Dahl in the 1940s, Morris Boutin in the 1950s and early 1960s, followed by Henry Daly, well into the 1980s, followed by Marvin Morris and Mike Montano.

Carl Dahl had the boat rebuilt, changing the stern to a square fantail, and also rounding the stem. A Chrysler Crown marine gas engine was also installed in the early 1940s.


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