L.P. Hill

Photo Courtesy Dave Allers.


L.P. HILL 249636 .Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1946, for Eugene l. Hill, Grand Haven, Mich., the 60 ft. x 15 ft. all steel vessel was equipped with a 100-120 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. Hill owned the vessel until 1961, when he sold to Charles E. Lixie Port Huron, Mich. MVUS lists the next owners; Richard McNab, Muskegon, 1969-1974; Keith Chanbers, Kenosha, 1975-1981; Lawrence Schweig, Chicago, 1982-1985. Chambers re- powered with a 250 hp. Cummins diesel, and converted her to a research vessel. Schweig restored her as a gill netter and she was subsequently lost on Lake Michigan in December 1985.


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