MERLEEN Built by Sturgeon Bay Boat Works in 1937, for Felix Pearson, Naubinway, Mich. The 40 ft. x 12 ft. vessel was equipped with a 30-36 Kahlenberg oil engine. Pearson fished the boat at Seul Choix, Naubinway, Manistique, and Grand Marais, Mich. In October 1939 Pearson sold the boat to Smith Bros. Fishery. After W.W.II Smiths sold her to Nial Gates, Two Rivers. Still later the boat went to Green Bay, and was then bought by Reuben Peterson, Manistique.

In the spring of 1974 Russell and Robert Jensen, Manistique bought her and replaced the Kahlenberg with a Perkins diesel. The boat was eventually sold out of the fishery.


Edvin Pearson mending nets

Edvin Pearson, brother of Felix, mending nets at Escanaba, circa 1932-33.



Edvin Pearson's icemobile, used to tow his fishing shack out onto the lake. 1935 license plates help date the scene.


Hanson-Jensen Dock

Hanson-Jensen fishing dock at Escanaba, undated.

Photos courtesy of Jonathan Papai and Nancy Burkhart.

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