LILLIE B. 235149 Built at Waukegan, IL in 1935 by Steve Ceskowski and Fred Alferds, the 55 ft. x 14 ft. steel hulled vessel was equipped with a 100-120 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. According to Steve Ceskowski, grandson and namesake of the builder, "The Lillie B.'s 100-120 Kahlenberg was installed by Steve Ceskowski, a Kahlenberg tech, and "Slim" Clifford of Larsen's Boatyard in Waukegan before the pilothouse was completed and installed. Steve Ceskowski and Fred Alferds ran the LILLIE B. until they dissolved their partnership and sold her to Tom and George Johnson." The Johnsons, of Waukegan, Ill., purchased the boat in 1940, replacing their ENERGY. The Johnsons owned her until 1956, when the boat was sold to Guilford W. Falcon, Evanston, IL., converted to a towing tug and renamed G.W. FALCON.


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