Bobby Bill


BOBBY BILL 236092 A 60 ft. x 14 ft. wood hulled fish tug, built in 1936. Originally to have been built on Beaver Island by Ulysses McCann, the frames were bent there; then there was a change of plans, and all the material was transported to Manistique, Mich. A Mr. Larsen, from Menominee, Mich., was hired to then complete the building. For power, the owner, Alphonsus Sendenburgh, took the 60-70 hp. Kahlenberg from his old boat AGNACE S.

Sendenburgh fished the boat at Manistique until 1940 and then sold her to Clkarence Platz, Rogers City, Mich. Platz had ownership until 1954. The boat was then sold to owners outside the fishing industry. She was abandoned in 1973.


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