Henrietta Margaret


HENRIETTA MARGARET 235620. Built by Burger Boat Co. in 1936 for George Van Hall, Grand Haven, Mich. The 42 ft. x 13 ft. all-steel vessel was equipped with a 60-70 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. The boat is now powered by a 250-hp Cummins diesel.

The boat has had many owners: Van Hall, 1936-1939, Smith Bros, Port Washington, 1941-1947, William Jepson, Washington Island, 1948-1952, Murray Cornell, Sheboygan, 1953-1957, Nial Gates, Two Rivers, 1958-1981, Neil and Gregory Gates, 1982 to the present. Smith Bros changed the name to LESTER H. SMITH, and the boat still carries that name. The boat has been extensively modified over its lifetime, having three pilot house designs.

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