Eila Marie


EILA MARIE 56 ft. x 14 ft., built as the EDWARD L, at Benton Harbor, MI in 1928, by Dachel-Carter Boat Co. for Edward Lutz Sons, Michigan City, IN. Equipped with a 75-90 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. Sold to Arthur Tucker, Benton Harbor, Mich., in 1942, the boat was re-named IVA T. Sold to H.W. Brackenridge in 1948, and operated out of Saugatuck , and South Haven, until 1951, she was next acquired by Lawrence Schweig, Chicago, and re-named EILA MARIE Another change of ownership saw the boat re-powered with a 500 hp. diesel, and used as a tug in the marine construction trade.


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