Uncle Butts


Built as the BOBBIE at Bayfield by Evan Christensen, in 1939 for William Noring, of Sand Island. Boat was about 30 ft. in length, and equipped with a 2 cyl. 18 hp. Regal gas engine. By the mid 1940s Floyd Hoopman was owner, followed by Louis [Butts] Peterson, who eventually re-named the boat UNCLE BUTTS and repowered with a Chrysler Crown marine gas engine. The boat changed hands several times after that and is currently sitting ashore at Bayfield.

Uncle Butts

Photo: Top, the BOBBIE in original configuration at Reiten boatyard, Bayfield; middle, docked at Red Cliff, 1991; bottom, ashore at Bayfield, 2001. Note changes over the years.

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