Built by Burger Boat Co., in 1928, for Leslie H. Cornell, Washington Island, Wis., 44 ft. x 11 ft., and equipped with a 45-54 hp. Kahlenberg oil engine. With Cornell's retirement in 1966 the boat was sold to Gaylord Schultz, Ironwood, MI. who operated for a short time out of Black River Harbor, MI.

By 1968 the boat was back at Bayfield, abandoned by its owner. After sitting in the Reiten boat yard for a few years it was taken over by a wooden boat club and put on display at the foot of Broad Street, where it sits to this day.


Photo: Top, DAWN at dock, 1950s, SAND ISLAND behind; bottom, on display at the Boatyard Condominums, Bayfield, 2001.



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